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Check the Weather!


          The Hamilton Soaring Club began operation in 2016 at the local airport in Hamilton, TX. Over the years the club has gained members, aircraft, and improved its way of operation. Club members fly on weekends when the weather is good, and perform maintenance on bad weather days. The club is full of amazing glider pilots with incredible stories, which you’ll often hear over lunch. The club is steadily growing in potential pilots. A number of students have been welcomed into the club for training, and many private pilots have tried their luck in these engine-less aircraft.


Gliding is an excellent way to get to the basics of flight using only thermals and pilot skill to fly. The club primarily uses the aero-tow method but occasionally uses an auto tow. As a member you’ll see Gliding romanticizes flight itself as you quietly soar through the air like a bird using only nature to hold or gain altitude. If you have never tried gliding before, it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Please come out and try our discovery flight, and you can show your friends the epic pictures you take! Better yet, bring them with you and make a day of it!


Jim Callaway


Jim Callaway was the heart and soul of our club. He knew everything there was to know about soaring, and shared his knowledge with us. He helped found our club and made us better. We couldn’t be more grateful for the time he devoted to the Hamilton Soaring Club.

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