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Schweizer 2-33
The 2-33 is a two-place training glider used primarily by students. It has an L/D of 23-1.


Schweizer 1-26E
The 1-26 is the next step after the 2-33. It's a single-seat glider with a L/D of 23-1. After the student has executed proficient flight skills, they are then allowed to fly the 1-26.


Schleicher Ka 6 E
The K-6 is another aircraft a pre-private can fly with enough experience. However, it is primarily flown by Private Glider Pilots. It is a single-seat and has an L/D of 32:1. 


Glasflugel 303 Mosquito
The Mosquito is a higher-performing glider than our other aircraft. It has an L/D of 41:1. Only experienced glider pilots fly this single-seat aircraft.


Grob G103 Twin Astir
The grob is a duel-seat glider, and it has an L/D of 37:1. It is an excellent glider that gives students and pilots an excellent opportunity to learn from one another in an excellent glider.

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