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Student News


       The Hamilton Soaring Club is extremely proud of the improvements made to our student training program. We now operate with an outline provided to us by the Soaring Society of America. We have a more efficient and successful program led by Ryan Polster now being executed. It includes ground and flight training so that the students can know the ins and outs of gliding. We have a large age range of students from fifth graders to adults, and well work with you to give you the training you need. 

Our Student's Achievements

Our students do an excellent job in and out of our club!

05-02-2022      Ethan has received a $2,000 scholarship from SSA to fund training for a Glider rating. Ethan and family couldn't be more excited!

05-15-2021        When Taylor is not making improvements to his glider, he is becoming a track star. He recently won first in the boys 800-meter race at state. The club couldn't be more proud of him, and he has become the official wing runner for our club.

04-27-2021       Caleb has received a $10,000 scholarship from AOPA which he will be using to fund training for a private ASEL rating. He has found more interest having an engine in his aircraft, and has spent a lot of time in our tow planes. 

New Glider Pilots



Taylor passed his checkride and now holds a Private Pilot License with Glider rating. He owns his own glider, and can be found working on it on weekly basis. He has been a member since the beginning, and has helped clean, tape, and repair gliders. Taylor hopes to join Air-Force.



Ethan is a High School Junior this year, and has been very involved with our club since he became a member. Thanks to support from the club and a $2000 scholarship for flight training from SSA,

Ethan passed his checkride in April of 2023 and now holds a Private Pilot License with Glider rating.



Caleb is an excellent club member. He helps keep the gliders ready to fly and helps immensely with ground operations. Caleb is primarily focused on powered flight and has received a $10,000 scholarship from AOPA which he will use for training.

Caleb added a Glider rating to his Private Pilot License in April of 2023.

Student Stories




Lexi is a Sophomore. She was introduced to the soaring club by family. In this photo, she is learning hand signals for takeoff.



Ashleigh is currently a sophomore at Texas A&M University. She always had an interest in aviation and started training at HSC in the summer of 2023. She is excited to keep working towards her check-ride and continue to explore the world of gliding.



Cooper has been with the club since early 2022 and is flying like a champ. Coming from an aviation family, he's been around aircraft all his life and gets great support from dad.






Ryan Polster

Ryan is our head flight instructor. He is an ex- Airline pilot + power aircraft instructor he holds a Private Glider Pilot and 

Certified Flight Instructor Glider license. Ryan is also the Hamilton Airport Manager.

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Elaine is 22 years old and has been a member sense 2016. She currently works at TSTC as a flight and ground instructor. Elaine is head of the youth at our club.

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