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Ethan Aicklen Wins 2022 SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship

Ethan Aicklen, 15, one of our young students, has been awarded one of the Soaring Society of America's Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarships. These scholarships provide up to $2000 for flight training for students ages 13-19. Ethan is the third Hamilton Soaring Club student to be awarded a scholarship, thanks in large part to our flight instructors: Ryan Polster and Shane Grieve.

Ethan has been fascinated by anything that flies, from bugs to B-52s, almost since he could walk. Since joining Scouts, he has become an avid bird watcher and sees soaring as a way to experience nature with the birds. Ethan is grateful for all the training, guidance, help, and just great advice he gets from the club members.


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