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Fun at the Club

August 28th was another successful Saturday. The club started with everyone drooling over the new tow plane. This new tow plane is a CallAir A-9B and it may not be the cleanest aircraft, but this 300 horsepower aircraft is a blessing to our club. This new aircraft will allow us to be more efficient with our takeoff time. Instead of waiting for our one tow plane to land, on busier days we can have two tows going at once. not to mention if something were to happen to one plane we will have a back up. After getting the plane warmed up they put a glider on it. There was a slight mixture problem at first, but at the end of the day it was running fine and helping take a load off our original tow plane.

The 2-33 took About six students up Saturday and with each student getting at least two flights, our instructor, Ryan, had a long day. Luckily he enjoys what he does and continues to help at the club. We had a cross wind slowly growing stronger throughout the day. It gave students good crosswind training. The winds reached 10 knots gusting 14 by the end of the day. The 2-33 has a max cross wind limit of 15 so it was within limits. The last flight Ryan did was a commercial training flight with his daughter Elaine. She is hoping to eventually get her CFI so that she can help with instruction at the club.

Using the new tow plane we were able to efficiently get a few other gliders up. Elaine took a coworker of hers up in the grob just before lunch. Our private pilots are allowed to bring friends and take them up. This allows us to spread the word about our club and gain interest. Later Wally, Paul, and Taylor got in solo gliders and went on a flight together. This allows them to use there combine knowledge and skill to fly. this is an excellent opportunity for Taylor as he gets to soar alongside our most experienced pilots.

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