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First Flights

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

The weekend of the 29th of May the soaring club took it's first summer flights! After completing a flight review with a members in the Grob, Ryan did eight instruction flights with students is the 2-33. It was each student's first time in the glider and each one stepped out of the glider with a huge smile on their face. They all wanted a second flight and a number of them got the chance to take one. Wade got out of the glider saying "You can't beat that view!"and I'm sure every glider pilot would agree. As the students waited their turn, club members taught them the importance of ground signals, and ground operations. After the students were done Ryan took a flight with Elaine as she wanted to check proficiency after a year with no gliding operations due to corona. She did an excellent job and says, "The club taught me well." We wrapped things up with two more tows for club members and a small air show performed by Wally with his remote controlled jet. Overall we had a successful weekend at the Hamilton Soaring Club.

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