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Labor Day

Saturday 4th started the labor day weekend. As we waited patently for the cues to form, Ryan took students up n the morning to prevent congestion later. Lexi suggested that we wear Hawaiian shirts so a number of members did. Ryan took up about five students before wrapping up training and clearing the runway for other glider pilots.

Each Labor day we have a few pilots come out and bring their gliders. We use both tow planes to tow up the gliders efficiently. The conditions were great for lift. the cloud bases were about 8,000 feet high. Most of the pilots headed east and a few west. With winds primarily out of the south the pilots were able to go on short cross countries. We had about three pilots from out of town but most of the pilots in the air were from the club. Paul took up his glider, Wally went up in the mosquito, Taylor in his G-102, Greg took up the 1-26, Neil took up a 1-34, and finally Ryan and Elaine went up in the club Grob. Overall a busy flight day. Quick shout out to the tow pilots for working long hours in the heat. We definitely couldn't do it without them. The students also helped with connecting and collecting towropes, towing gliders, ad running wings. Sean a long time member kept out logs in order, which become difficult on days like labor day when we have many different pilots. Once all the gliders landed, members put them away and got to do it all again Sunday.

Labor day is a really great experience for all pilots to come together, catch up, and share knowledge. Young pilots like Taylor get to soar alongside expert pilots, and witness them maneuver through the air in thermals and distance flights. Student pilots get to see what they are working towards and learn from the very best. We are so grateful to call Labor day a success, and we are looking forward to next year.

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