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On September 12th Taylor long took his Private Glider Pilot check ride. Taylor has been in the soaring club for over four years, and he has over 100 glider flights. He owns his own G-102 and is one of the most accomplished student pilots when it comes to flight badges. Taylor has completed multiple cross country flights and is one of the best pilots the Hamilton Soaring Club has trained.

Taylor started his check ride at 10:30 AM. He sat down with Carol Walker and began the Oral exam. After two hours of club members pacing back and forth anxious to hear good news, Carol and Taylor stepped out of the exam room. He had passed the oral exam and it was time for the flight portion of the check ride. Taylor and Carol finished up the check ride with a simulated rope break and came to a safe stop on the runway. They stepped out of the glider and Ryan asked "Are congratulations in order?" Carol assured him they were and a huge smile came across Taylor's face as he was officially a Private Glider Pilot! As we walked the glider back Carol had the genius idea to *take pictures* on Taylor's phone and get it out of his pocket. A tradition in our soaring club is to douse the new pilot with water, so with the phone out of his pocket and an oblivious smile on his face, we had Taylor pose for a photo. Keaton put ice in a bucket of cold water and gave Taylor the cool congratulations he deserved.

Our club is so proud of Taylor and look forward to watching him grow in aviation and as a pilot. A BIG thank you goes to Carol as this is not her first check ride at this club, and we are happy to have her help and support.

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